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Get 15% discount

  • Acrigel Clear 60ml Accedi

    Acrigel Clear 60ml

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  • Acrigel Cover Beige 60ml Accedi

    Acrigel Cover Beige 60ml – Nail Store

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  • Acrigel Cover Natural 60ml Accedi

    Acrigel Cover Natural 60ml – Nail Store

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  • Acrigel Soft Pink 60ml Accedi

    Acrigel Soft Pink 60ml – Nail Store

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  • Acrigel Solution Accedi

    Acrigel Solution – Nail Store

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  • Pro Bond 15ml - Nail Store Accedi

    Pro Bond 15ml – Nail Store

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  • Spatola e Pennello per Acrigel - Nail Store Accedi

    Spatola e Pennello per Acrigel – Nail Store

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  • Top Gloss 15ml - Nail Store Accedi

    Top Gloss 15ml – Nail Store

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Acrigel, a revolutionary product that combines the characteristics of gel with those of acrylic!
Why choose acrigel over gel or acrylic as a nail reconstruction treatment?

Simply because it is easy to apply, strong and light!

Its consistency is perfect for quickly carrying out a nail reconstruction and to be applied simultaneously on all five fingers. It lends itself to any type of nail reconstruction, it does not drip, it is odourless, the application time is unlimited compared to acrylic because it requires catalysis in a UV LED lamp for 60″. It is also stapleable in just 10 seconds of polymerization.

Thanks to its consistency, it is possible to make small extensions without using the form (nail form). Also ideal for reconstructing missing corners and to reconstruct toenails.

During the filing phase, its consistency is greater than that of gel and acrylic because it is deposited on the table and therefore there is no dispersion in the air.

In order to model Acrigel, once the product ball has been positioned on the nail, the lingual brush must be moistened in a specific acid-free liquid without monomers, the Solution. Thanks to this liquid, the bristles of the brush glide allowing you to shape the product. During use it does not activate the polymerization unlike the monomer which activates the catalysis of the acrylic powder during modelling.

Compared to gel, it does not burn during polymerization. It is long lasting up to 4 weeks like gel and acrylic. Gives the manicure a natural and delicate look.